Awkward things.

Beauty and the Bald Patch

on April 18, 2013

Let’s talk about Price Charming. We women are a curious lot, aren’t we? We go on and on about intelligence and sense of humour, but I bet you, the minute I mention Mr. Right, a vision of him pops into your head. Not a brief list of attributes that create a jolly nice person, but an image. Is he tall? What colour is his hair? How big are his feet, and other, ahem, body parts? I bet you could do an FBI profile on him if I asked you to. According to the Washington Post, when looking for love, the most important thing is personality, with a whopping… 30%. Looks come second with 23% of people actually being honest.

So why are we all so beauty mad? It would be reasonable and convenient to blame the media. Disney movies, fashion magazines, Jane Austen novels and Ryan Gosling all add up to one big melting pot of sexy. You would have to be facing the other way to not get seduced by the idea that you can have your very own Romeo, complete with floppy fringe and spirit level teeth, for just the price of being in the right place at the right time. But isn’t it all a bit, I don’t know, shallow? Why should we expect men to be perfectly groomed and too good for the GAP when all we wanna do is slouch around in our onesies, sporting dubious stains down the front and a hole in the crotch? Or is that just me?

I’m not talking about dropping all of your standards and plumping for Mr. Average. Average is after all, in my opinion, a synonym for boring. What I am saying is maybe give the bald spot guy a chance, and the one with the teeth and even the one with the dainty feet, (I can verify that the foot thing is so mythological it’s not even funny.) No-one is perfect, and our imperfections are what make us awesome, or at least interesting. I can promise you that your Mr. Right is out there, possibly rocking a mullet or crocs, (which you should sort out as soon as you find him.) He exists, he’s just undercover. After all, princes come in frog form too.


2 responses to “Beauty and the Bald Patch

  1. rosie1901 says:

    Oh lady I’m taking your advice. Dating these tall, good-looking, wealthy men is getting me nowhere except another year older and still single and searching. Thanks for the post!

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