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Your Sense of Humour is Broken…

on April 27, 2013

Yesterday someone responded to a request on my friend’s Facebook wall for dirty jokes. He took the term ‘dirty’ to mean offensive, hurtful and cruel, and ‘joke’ to mean a stab at people in vulnerable states of distress. My friend therefore was gifted a pretty shitty pun about mastectomy patients and bin bags. Not cool. I dunno about you, but since my mother is currently receiving breast cancer treatment, it kinda punched me in the gut, and I’ve been reeling ever since. I’ve also been wondering why. What did that guy get out of his joke? It wasn’t even funny, just biting; it hurt. Is that funny to him? To hurt people? I don’t plan on asking him, because he’s just the type of guy to start a flame fight, and I believe in making a nice cup of chamomile, not war.

I blame Frankie Boyle. For those of you lucky enough to have no knowledge of this creature, Frankie is a Scottish ‘comedian’ who makes his money from kicking people when they’re down. His recent victims have been disabled children, people with Down’s syndrome and the Queen. It’s like he picks anyone that can’t or won’t fight back and smashes them in the face with a handbag built of bitterness and hatred. I don’t see him making jokes about bodybuilders and Al-Queda, but I sure wish he would. At least then, he’d be on even ground. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t make non-PC or even offensive jokes, I’m just saying that maybe it would be a cool idea to use your brain once in a while, wonder if anyone might be hurt by it and rethink. I know Frankie’s argument is that people can say whatever they want about him, but we’re not all built of sturdy, Scottish stuff.

It’s not funny to make someone helpless the butt of your rubbish joke. It is funny, on the other hand, to make yourself the butt of your own joke. Michael McIntyre, Omid Djalili, Eddie Izzard and Russell Howard are just a handful of awesome comedians that take the piss out of themselves, and it’s funny because they’re just like us, and we can see ourselves in their jokes. So if someone asks you to tell them a dirty joke, don’t start on the cancer patients and starving African children, because what they really want is what they’ve asked for: A dirty joke. They want nuns and vicars, doctors and nurses, peanut butter and jam; they do not want an idiot with a grenade targeting a cancer ward, and that is what he was.


2 responses to “Your Sense of Humour is Broken…

  1. Anthony Burt says:

    Funnily enough Omid visited the Jane Austen Centre a few months back. He demanded to get in free, interrupted the guide’s talk several times, let his kids run in and out of the doors and was generally a disgusting, horrible man. Sorry to break your dream about him…!

    • Awww! That’s like sad! I saw him live and thought that he was awesome, but then again, there can be a BIG difference between people’s stage and real life personas, (like you said!) I hate it when people act in such an obnoxious way though, it’s uncalled for. I’m sorry you had such a sucky experience! T xxx

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