Awkward things.

Mean Girls

on May 8, 2013

I like Taylor Swift. There. I said it. I also like Anne Hathaway; what of it? No, I’m not trying to be subversive; I’m not a weirdo either, I just like them, ok? And I really don’t get why I’m in the minority on this one. Let’s start with Miss Swift. She’s had boyfriends, quite a few of them, though not an insane amount; she’s had her heart broken a few times and she’s glued it back together with cool tunes. What’s the big deal? I’ve had boyfriends, I’ve been screwed over, and I’ve written terrible poetry to deal with it. The only difference is that she’s talented and people sing along to her versions of my shit poetry.

And Anne. Heaven forbid someone with class steps on the celebrity scene. Now I don’t wanna sound like someone’s mother or anything, but I honestly think that everyone’s jealous. Anne got the best role in cinema this year, she’s eloquent, refined and she can pull off baldness like her highness, Natalie Portman. So what if her speeches sound rehearsed? What if, shock, horror, lets all take a seat because we might faint, what if she actually rehearses her speeches? Does that make her a terrible person? No. Has anyone stopped to think that maybe getting an award is freaking scary and instead of risking a total screw up of a speech, she spends hours agonising over the right words because, just like ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE IN THE WORLD EVER, she wants people to like her?

These are nice, sweet girls that have managed to make successes out of themselves without writhing around in their underwear, (*cough* Beyonce *cough*), Instagramming their drug use, (I’m talking to you Rihanna,) or going so far off the rails they’ve ended up in Australia, (I swear to God Lindsay Lohan, I will get a time machine, go back to Mean Girls and never let you out of my sight, young lady!) Why can’t we appreciate them for the real girls that they are? They’re just like you and me, they make mistakes; so do we, only ours aren’t splashed over magazine covers or printed on, and followed up by comments laced with profanity and hate. So maybe next time they do something so normal and boring that it inspires a tornado of animosity, you’ll stick up for those girls. Stick up for yourself.


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