Awkward things.


on May 11, 2013

The day the letter came I was away,
And because I was away I didn’t see,
The sort of man that visited that day,
The man who had delivered it to me.
He wrote of places I could better be,
If only I would look up at the sky,
And read a line of shining poetry,
And see the love go swimming softly by.
If only from the corner of my eye,
I’d glimpse an inch of aching, breaking love,
Then he would feel it, he would know that I
Had looked upon his heart and seen enough.
But because I didn’t know that man, I didn’t trust the stars,
And because I didn’t look that day, my heart still wears the scars.


2 responses to “Stargazing

  1. blackluminescence says:

    Hello!, I have nominated you for the Liebster blog award….. check out my page for more details.
    Congrats! 😀

  2. Thank you so much!
    That’s super appreciated!

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