Awkward things.

You Are Awesome!

on June 2, 2013

ImageI read the other day that a quarter of British people never, (as in EVER) feel good about themselves. Now that is sad, not sad as in pathetic, but sad as in I’m-not-even-gonna-pretend-there’s-something-in-my-eye-I’m-actually-tearing-up-right-here sad. You don’t like yourself? Why not? You’re awesome. I don’t even know you and I know that you’re awesome. You’re looking goooooooood. Did you do something to your hair or something? I almost didn’t recognise you because you’re glowing with super cool and lovely. Oh what? You don’t believe me? Then sit yourself on the naughty step ‘cause I’m feeding your dinner to the dog.

It is not ok to not like yourself. It’s just not. Why don’t you like yourself? If you’re a serial killer or something, ok, I totally get that, I don’t like you either, murder is not a cool thing to do. At all. But there’s a choice here. When you don’t like yourself, you must have a reason, so you need to either deal with it or get over it. You don’t like the mean way you treat people? Try to be nicer, buy cookies and dole out compliments like fairy dust. You don’t like your nose? You’re beautiful, focus on your cute freckles or the way that you make your friends laugh.

I see it like this: Everyone has someone that loves them, even if they can’t see it themselves, because they’re drowning in an icky swamp of self-hatred. You need to look outside yourself, find a person that loves you. Got one? Good. Now why do they love you? A million reasons right? When you love someone, it isn’t because they’re a size zero or because their fringe is never greasy, it’s because you can’t help it. You just do.

I want you all to look at yourselves in the mirror, right now. Look at the fear in your eyes, look at the baby hairs at the edge of your face, look at yourself in all of your humanity and realise that you are a person, unique and worthy of love, just like everyone else. Look at yourself like your best friend would. Yeah, sometimes you’re annoying and needy and your jokes are lame, but they love you anyway, because of your awesome you-ness. You are awesome, trust me, I know.


2 responses to “You Are Awesome!

  1. anaopp says:

    I have a list of things big and small that I’m proud of, and I read it every time I hate myself. It’s quite helpful. Also, being productive and getting things done makes me happier with who I am. What are your tips?

  2. Those are awesome tips!
    I’m a writer, so when I’m feeling blah about life, I find it’s usually because I’m not writing enough, so getting on with it really helps to cheer me up.
    Also chocolate, it cures EVERYTHING!

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