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6 Reasons Why Rebel Wilson Should Be My BFF

on June 25, 2013

 I love, love, LOVE Rebel Wilson, in a totally non-creepy way of course. I just think that she’s super amazing and funny and should totally be my BFF, before the creepiness sets in and I find out where she lives and quote her movies at shadows that pass by the windows. Here’s why:

  • Two words: Fat Amy

Ohmygosh! Fat Amy is who I wish I was; out and proud with her big, beautiful self, with the boys all over her like flying Mexican food. Fat Amy has all the best lines, and why is that? Because Rebel rocks. She’s an epic improviser and brings her own brand of mad awesome to every film she does, including THAT crystal meth line. Yeah. She went there.

  • Her family sounds Ah-mazing!

Her siblings are named: Liberty, Ryot and Annachi. No joke. Those are their actual super freaking cool names. I kinda wish that I turn out to be her long lost sister, who was stolen away by ninjas, and my actual name is Revolution or Freedom or something. That could totally happen.

  • The fantabulousness that is Bridesmaids

Did you know that the role of the strange, diary-reading, infected tattoo-getting roommate was created for Rebel? How cool? She originally tried out for the role of Megan and was too young, but the amazing Kristen Wiig made a whole new role just for her. And, AND! Because of that movie, Rebel and Matt Lucas are now roommates. Yep, my brain exploded with awesome too.

  • Body acceptance

Ok, so Rebel may not be totally at peace with her own sexiness; she used to be a Jenny Craig spokesperson and has said that she wants to lose weight. But just having her there, on our screens has shown young girls, (and me) that it’s ok to be heavier and it’s ok to talk about it. Sometimes it feels as if larger ladies don’t exist in Hollywood, then someone like Rebel comes along, rips off her clothes and declares their hotness. Now THAT is a role model.

  • The 2013 MTV movie awards

Rebel was a robotic, singing, exercising bondage QUEEN. And she was on fiyah! Ok, I don’t even really know what was going on, but I know that it was awesome, and that’s enough for me.

  • Every interview that she has ever done or will do

Someone NEEDS to make a movie of Rebel’s life, because it is EPIC. Her parents were professional dog showers, she has a rap alter-ego called Rebelicious, and she’s just pure hilarity. Bonus points: She loves Bring it On. Anyone that can quote that movie like I can, has a special, fuzzy place in my heart. Spirit fingers!

So yeah. I love her, like proper love her. We will be BFFs forever and never fall out over a boy unless it’s Christian Slater and he has vegan Oreo cupcakes. Then it’s ON. 


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