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7 Reasons Why GIRLS Needs To Be Back Already

on July 22, 2013

I hate waiting, it’s my least favourite thing after childbirth and death. Luckily I’ve never had to go through two of those things, but this waiting thing is the bane of my life. GIRLS was the one thing that kept me going through the long, (metaphorically) cold nights, (they were chilly at times, but I put a sweater on) and since then, I’ve had to go through the hardship of existence on my own. That’s right. Without my GIRLS-friends I’ve been going through life without guidance on how to steer away from cracksidents, Q-tips and sexits. So this is an open letter to Lena Dunham, begging her to please hurry up or I may die. Seriously. Here’s why.

  • Hannah’s thighs.

Where are all the bootylicious women in TV land? Where are they? I have remote control RSS and I cannot find any. That sucks. At least with GIRLS, I know that Hannah will be barely dressed most of the time, so I can look at her thighs and realise that cellulite is a normal part of life, and, hey, there’s nothing wrong with having a few juicy bits. Hannah is chubby and gorgeous and guess what? She gets a lot of men chasing after her. Waaaaay more than any other character on the show, and, for some reason, that makes me happy.

  • Adam Driver

Is he sexy? I have no idea. Am I intrigued? Hells yeah. I don’t care if he’s a complete psycho, I actually kinda like that. What I do care about are ‘sorry’ signs, being bought ice-cream and a man that runs to my house to save me from myself. Yes, I know I’m not Hannah, but sometimes I am and those are the times when Adam is there, being all psycho-sexy, and right now I miss him.

  • Shoshanna

I love this girl. We are like total BFFS. Truth fact. I don’t care that she smoked crack. If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything and Shosh makes me laugh. Despite being semi-stupid, Shoshanna is the voice of reason on the show. Even when she makes mistakes, she’s adorkable enough for me not to be yelling at the screen. I just let her do her thang, because she’ll get there in the end, bless her.

  • The debate

‘What debate?’ I hear you say. Every debate, that’s what debate. GIRLS got us talking, well, arguing really. Thanks to this show, people were suddenly discussing society’s obsession with size, thighs and the beauty balance of relationships. We talked about mental health and how hard it is to get a job these days. We spoke about how bizarre it is that you stick a group of women in New York and suddenly it’s the new SATC and not an awesome program in its own right. Well I talked about that one, to myself, but seriously, how dumb?

  • Hannah’s writerly struggles

Yes! I am not alone on this one. Even Lena Dunham is struggling, spending more time eating Cool Whip than actually writing. I am NORMAL. Ok, I know that Lena Dunham is actually doing alright, I mean, she’s got a bazillion dollar book deal and her fingers in so many pies that she has none left to hold a pen, but I’m totally not jealous. At all. Just needed to clarify that.

  • After Charlie

Right, so a little bit into the filming of series three, we discovered that Charlie, (Christopher Abbott) has quit. Just like that. So what now? Well that’s a damn good question dear readers, what now indeed. This is a no spoiler zone, so I will just say that at the end of series two, Charlie seemed jolly important to the plot, and I have no idea how Lena can fill in this hole. But, BUT! Michael Zegan, (of Boardwalk Empire) is set to step into his shoes. Is he the new Charlie or a brand new and shiny character? I NEED to know right this instant.

  • Reality TV

This show means so much to me because it’s real. It reflects real life, not my life, but someone’s life, someone’s sad, pathetic, cringeworthy life. GIRLS makes Amanda Bynes look like a life coach, but that’s ok, because don’t we all feel a teensy bit better about ourselves now? I know that I do, and that’s what’s important here.



3 responses to “7 Reasons Why GIRLS Needs To Be Back Already

  1. hwhiston30 says:

    Great post!!! Love Girls! I hate the waiting too!!!!!


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