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Girls Don’t Like Diamonds, Girls Like Cars and Mud.

on August 7, 2013

When I was little, I wanted to be a boy. Not, as my parents would say because I ‘wanted a willy,’ although peeing standing up would be pretty freaking sweet. No, I wanted to be a boy because they had it all and I wanted some. Boys got the best clothes, the best toys and the best jobs when they grew up. I knew that if I wanted a Power Ranger costume or a toy that came with projectile weapons and transformy things, (I mean, who doesn’t?! Even now I drool whenever a Hot Wheels commercial comes on the TV. Though truthfully, that only happens when I’m accidentally on purpose watching iCarly and I’m drooling at ALL the toys.) and to be allowed to be a bricklayer, I would have to get icky boy parts.

Of course, being a semi-functioning adult, I can now see that everything I knew was a load of crap, (well, almost everything. Fairies DO exist and Santa is cheap.) girls can have it all. Girls are able to play with Transformers and Action man without the toy spontaneously combusting, it is possible, though I’m still sulking with my parents for all this misinformation. I grew up a while ago and I thought that everything had changed, I thought little girls could be just as awesome as little boys. Like, Brave exists, and now I’m desperately racking my brains to find more role models. Hmm… And you dare mention the Black Widow and I will show you a film whose female parts comprise solely of Scarlett Johansson’s butt. Also Avengers is rated 12, (PG-13 if you’re American) so that totally doesn’t count.

This is the part where I FINALLY get to the point of this meandering rant fest, (this is what happens when I’m hungry, I don’t get mean, I get simple.) a certain internet retailer, (I’m not gonna give them any more clicks, if you care enough, you’ll find it.) is selling sexist clothing to children. Their clothing proudly proclaims that little girls are bad at maths and boys are awesome at surfing and everything else that’s ever existed, ‘cause boys rule and girls rule, so there! Sorry! I got a bit carried away there. Basically, girls are dumb and vacuous and boys are cool and active, in t-shirt form. Obviously it’s sexist and obviously it’s lame, and obviously some people aren’t gonna care and will buy this rubbish anyways, because they want their daughters vague and pretty. They probably shop at Abercrombie and hate fat people too. Ugh.

I’m in the minority on this one anyway, ‘cause I hate the pink and blue that are so eagerly thrust on babies from the moment they arrive. You are a girl, therefore you will wear pink and love horses and dowsing yourself in glitter. You are a boy, therefore you will wear blue and love football and eating inedible things. It just seems so silly, like, you don’t know this tiny person yet, they’re just a screeching, red-faced alien until they’re, what? Like two? You can’t inflict your ideas of gender on this helpless little blob, it’s not fair. Just swaddle them in yellow or green and wait to see what they like and who they are when they actually like things and are someone. And then, then, and this is a crazy idea, if they ask for a Transformer, (specifically Bumblebee, OF COURSE) don’t go buying them a Barbie kitchen. That is unreasonable behaviour.

                I don’t know how a society that in some ways seems so open, intelligent and cool, (same sex marriage, woop woop!) can be so obtuse and deliberately difficult. Owning girly bits does not give you a predisposition towards shiny things, just like owning boy parts does not make you some sort of gnarly warrior. People are people, regardless of their accessories. Little boys should be taught that they can wear pink and play with dolls and little girls need to be taught that they can cake themselves in mud and have the shooty toys. Luckily I somehow managed to start liking glitter and butterflies and so-called ‘girly’ stuff, but that was my choice, and I still like butchering zombies on the Xbox and watching Fast and the Furious more than is reasonable and sane. It’s all about balance, and maybe if I’d been given Bumblebee rather than a Barbie kitchen, I might have some!


3 responses to “Girls Don’t Like Diamonds, Girls Like Cars and Mud.

  1. Abbi says:

    Yes to all of this. I hate this insidious genderification of children from birth. Why can’t everyone just decide what they want to play with/watch/wear and it have nothing to do with preconceived ideas of masculinity or femininity? I am glad to say that my parents let my brother and I play with whatever we wanted, which regularly meant toys assigned to the opposite gender. It appears to have done neither of us any harm.

  2. Sarah says:

    It’s not all about what you teach young kids, their own likes and dislikes have a lot to do with it as well. I grew up with boys and I did not want any part of action figures or getting dirty. I loved my barbies and tea set much better. I was never discouraged from doing anything with the boys, I just had no interest in playing rough or getting all muddy. And even transitioning into adulthood, nothing has changed. I’m still as girly as can be and I’m loving every part of it because that’s who I am.

    • That’s awesome!
      I totally respect that, since I may or may not have a glitter/unicorn/all the bunting in the world addiction.
      It would be so awesome if we could live in a world where everyone could like what they like, regardless of gender.
      Hopefully that world is coming to fruition!
      Thanks for reading!
      T xxx

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